Saturday, June 11, 2011


ज़िन्दगी मरुस्थल है|

मैं उसमे चल रही हूँ 
हर कदम पर मेरे पाँव 
ग़म के बालुओं में 
धँसते चले जाते हैं|
एक पाँव को निकालती हूँ
तो दूसरा धँसता  है
धूप भी तो तेज़ है 
और मैं,
थकान से निढाल हूँ|

ऐ काश! कहीं से भी 
एक बूँद पानी मिले
या फिर 
थोड़ी सी छाया
ऐसी हवा का एक झोंका 
जो फिर से
बालू में धँसने को
हिम्मत दे मुझे
ताकि फिर से चल सकूँ,

क्योंकि मरुस्थल ही ज़िन्दगी है|


Life is a desert.

I walk in it,
and with each step, 
my feet sink
in the sands of pain.
I pull one leg out,
the second deluges.
This heat is sharp,
and I walk lonely,
with fatigue.

If only, 
from somewhere,
come a drop of water,
a little shade, or
gust of some wind
that could, 
for one more time,
provide some strength,
so that,
when I walk again, 
my feet sink
in the sands of pain.

Because, desert is only life.


  1. Lovely poem! Truth and winds mixed with feelings of life! Don't we all have our feet in some sands of pain? But as everything else, part of life, that makes us appreciate better the happy moments when they come!

  2. Indeed! Thanks for your comment, sparkles.

  3. Lovely poem ! I prefer the Hindi version, it is more naturally flowing though Mihir has done a good job with the translation!Hawa ka ek jhaunka---can be a gust of wind instead of "blow"--my opinion. But the poem is marvelous--I love the way the words in the first and last line have been interchanged and yet the lines are equally meaningful.

  4. बहुत ही सरल शब्दों में अभिव्यक्त एक प्रेरक रचना.

    (Please remove unnecessary Word Verification, it doesn't necessary in Hindi Blogging now.)